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Welcome to my home page! I hope you'll find something worthwhile to make you stay a while and something to bring you back. At the moment, it's mostly a lick and a promise but I hope to have more unique content as I find time. Here's what's here:

Hacker stuff
Not really anything here yet. Soon to be links to geeky stuff I use a lot -- Linux resources, Windows resources, and publications. Also links to a few tutorials for beginners.

Nun stuff
For now, extended tables of contents for Finding the Treasure and Selling All by Sandra Scheiders, IHM, and a daily calendar of quotes from the foundress of my own congregation. Soon some links to general sites of interest to women religious, Roman Catholic and otherwise.

Other stuff
Just labyrinth building instructions at the moment. Everybody needs someplace to put miscellaneous stuff!

Future stuff
I'm working on a database of my bookmarks because I've got a lot of them. The fact is that there's almost nothing I'm not interested in, except sports, which makes life difficult when Notre Dame is playing! :-)

I'm also working on the quotes database for the headers at the top of the page. It will be very cool, once the database is loaded up.

Of course, ultimately, the best reason to have a web site is to put your $.02 out there. In the future, I intend to do some writing and post some of it here.

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